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JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Hatta Oman Road

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JA Hatta Fort Hotel Nestled in a quiet and relaxed setting, this exclusive retreat is set on 80 acres of gardens surrounded by the majestic Hajar Mountains. It propose 2 pools, a spa and tennis courts.

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Price: 124 €
Rooms available50 rooms

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Hatta Oman Road, Hatta,  ja-hatta-fort-hotel_ae_hatta-oman-road

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hatta Photo Hatta may refer to:

PlacesHatta, Gaza, a Palestinian Arab village depopulated in 1948
Hatta, Madhya Pradesh, a village in Damoh District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Hatta, United Arab Emirates, a mountain town within the United Arab Emirates
Hatta Fort Hotel within the United Arab Emirates
Hatta Station in Nagoya, Japan
Kintetsu Hatta Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line in Japan
Ise-Hatta Station in Mie, Japan
Kukkar Hatta, a town in PakistanGiven nameHatta Rajasa (born 1953), Indonesian politicianSurnameHamis Hatta, Timorese politician
Ichiro Hatta (1906–1983), Japanese wrestler and politician
Jaslee Hatta, Singapore football player
Janet Hatta (born 1953), actress in Japan
Kayo Hatta (1958–2005), Asian American filmmaker, writer, and community activist
Madd Hatta, the owner of Paid in Full Entertainment
Mohammad Hatta (1902–1980), Indonesian independence leader and first Vice President
Naoki Hatta (born 1986), Japanese football player
Shinya Hatta (born 1984), Japanese football player
Tomohiro Hatta (born 1986), Japanese piano player
Uichiro Hatta, Japanese football player
Yoichi Hatta, Japanese engineer"

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